First thread!

I’m super excited about this post I’m writing right now, I can even say that I feel like I’m 7 and it’s the first day of school again (too exaggerated? believe me it’s not). I’ve been in love with sewing and blogland for about six months now and have found lots of joy in it. It seriously turned my life into something happier and more colorful. I want to tell you more about how my life changed after I took up sewing in a minute but firstly…

My name is Mujgan Walker, I’m a 34-year-old Turkish woman. I’m an English teacher and work for a language school  in Corlu (a town in Thrace, this is where we live also). My husband, Matthew, is American. We found each other online and talked everyday for a long time until we felt that we had to meet in person; to summarize our exciting romance, he then came to meet me and we decided that we wanted to be together for the rest of our lives *spreading hearts out of my eyes*. Actually we got married not long ago, Feb 12th, this is us after the wedding, spending time with family and friends :)

My mom used to sew me dresses and bags when I was a little girl and I would get very excited waiting for my dress or anything she was sewing for me. I’d always found sewing ‘too awe-inspiring’ (whatever that means) to reach for until that moment I realized that it wasn’t so scary anymore becaauuuse “everything is difficult until you learn how to do it” – something I tell myself whenever I hesitate to do something difficult :) Then I remembered that mom had another sewing machine which she never used as she got used to her old Singer (the other one was an electrical Victoria with too many fancy-schmenzie details)  and of course mommieheart gave it to me followed by a series of sewing lessons for two days. That was six months ago, since then I’ve been teaching myself how to sew and I feel like this is a never-ending journey, I love the fact that there’ll always be something interesting to learn or make with fabric. I was inspired by Amy Butler firstly then I found U-handbag (Lisa Lam) and then many more designers such as Pat Bravo, Dena Fishbein, Heather Bailey, Monica Solorio-Snow (Happy Zombie),… this list is really long so I’d better stop here. Now I feel like I CAN sew and also there’s a LONG way to go…

After six months my sewing spot looks like this, it required lots of thinking and making things come true to have this little spot, every shelf has another detail to it. I took this picture at 6 am right after finishing mom’s present (the bag on the chair) for mother’s day, yes, things didn’t go as planned that week and I had to sew until the morning but it was a great feeling to be able to sew a bag for mom.

I want to have a blog to talk about sewing mainly but including some different subjects can be fun as well. We’ll see… I hope my blog is appealing to many of you out there, I’d love to have new people around to talk to about sewing, share ideas, learn from each other and see my little business start walking – that would be a dream come true. I’d love it if you left some comments or ask me any questions you might have.

Do you feel like screaming or making crazy sounds when you see some fabric you love? I do! I try reaching into the screen and touching them too…

Shine on X


About mujus

I'm a 34 year-old Turkish woman. I'm married to Matthew, he is my Love and best friend. I love travelling, taking pictures, getting inspired, sewing, cooking, making jewelry, Berlin (one sweet day...), painted glass, Indian movies, patterns of Anatolia/Native Americans/Mexico, coffee, beyaz peynir (Turkish white cheese), high voice, spring showers and many more things...
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2 Responses to First thread!

  1. cafenoHut says:

    what a good story.
    First of all welcome to blog world. I am also a new blogger but I have become addict. I hope you share many good things here.
    bir ingilizce öğretmenine de ingilizce mesaj yazmak zormuş. Umarım büyük bir gramer hatası yapmamışımdır.
    Tekrar hoşgeldin aramıza…:)

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